Not just where you live, but HOW.

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A new generation of homebuyers and renters are thinking not only about where they live, but more important,    how they live.   Healthy eating, including plant-based diets, has gone mainstream.  Farmers' markets are the new supermarkets.  Living sustainably is the norm, not the exception.  And consumers increasingly demand ecofriendly accountability.


In the form of community gardens and orchards.

Of the EARTH

Of the SELF

as residents acquire and develop new skills, mindsets and practices.


As fellowship is created between like-minded residents, supported by a sociable, engaging and walkable village design.

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A highly engaging and walkable village design and events, gatherings and celebrations engender fellowship, participation among the like-minded HARVEST residents.


Conceived and crafted for contemporary living, HARVEST employs the latest thinking in community planning, home design, sustainability and enriched lifestyle opportunities to provide a progressive setting for an edifying life.

More than just a place, it's an idea.  Centered around a LANDSCAPE-INSPIRED LIFESTYLE, it's a hub for cultivation: 

Cultivate VITALITY

Amenities and activities are designed to span community gardening, food preparation, nutrition, fitness, relaxation and well-being.


HARVEST is not simply a community of residents, but one of neighbors, friends, kindred spirits and participants in a culture with shared values and a larger sense of purpose and opportunity.

Cultivate HARMONY

Picturesque groves and gardens, intimate parks, community indoor retreats and appealing architecture encourage walking, making, savoring, outdoor activities, and an appreciation of our agrarian roots.

Kindred institutions, experts and partners make HARVEST a Hub for learning and exploring, both within and beyond our community.

Sustainable building practices, wise water use, living in balance and connecting the dots between the land, the seasons and contemporary life.




Harvest at Upland!

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